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Creating and planning an immersive, experiential and purposeful retail space, at the heart of a brand new Singapore attraction,

the Bird Paradise.

Mandai, home to the iconic Singapore Zoo, Night Safari and River Safari, is engaged in an ambitious development of the area, with the ambition to become a world-class, nature-themed attraction for recreation and education. As part of this development, Mandai recently opened the doors of the brand new Bird Paradise.


Our team at ielo design was tasked by Mandai Park Development (MPD) to offer retail strategy, creation and planning services, for several of their Bird Paradise retail locations.


Grounding the approach in in-depth benchmarking, as well as audits of the current locations, we built a creative proposal and advised on retail planning, to facilitate the shopper journey, as well as on design and visual marketing elements. The design was intended to be immersive and experiential, while still echoing the Park’s conservation efforts and purposefully connecting with the Park's focuses such as sustainability. Beyond this, we created guidelines and a Retail Experience Handbook for the stores, to facilitate their implementation.

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