Essilor Vision Studio I Optical shop in shop & POSM | Global

Conceptualizing a world-first concept store for Essilor, implemented in Singapore.









ielo design was tasked by Essilor to imagine and design its first in the world “concept store” by defining its key values, its in-store identity & experience. Combining guidance, education, personalized and adapted navigation, the ‘Vision Studio’ is offering a unique way to purchase lenses in a very fashion driven environment. This global concept will be further roll-out into different formats to accommodate various store types & budgets. ielo has also assisted Essilor into adapting this global concept for a pilot store in W Optics Singapore. The in-store experience was rolled-out into 3 areas: a lens corner aiming at bringing awareness on lenses and coatings in a simple, playful and intuitive way, a playful kid’s area providing education on myopia and a virtual reality corner.

Essilor I Optical shop in shop & POSM | Global

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